LAYOVER LABELS for General Electric SB Control and Transfer Switches

Minimize Down Time by utilizing Layover Labels to replace worn Controller markings.

General Electric SB Control and Transfer Switches are panel mounted controllers, if the Switch Face Plate text has become unreadable, you need to replace the worn out face plate that displays the control position assignment.

You know what that means, scheduling & taking the Controller or Switch offline, removing it from the panel, dismantling the controller, replacing the face plate, re-assemble, re-install unit into panel.

That is the Old Way to make the Switch Text new again.

Today, you custom order adhesive backed Layover Labels that you apply directly to the face plate - job complete. New, Improved Text, Zero Downtime.

GE SB Layover Labels were originally developed in the spring of 2015 by Laser Engraved Services LLC., for the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterbury Connecticut, and are in use today.

Made To Order

Layover Labels are made from flexible, self-adhesive 4 mill thick (.0049") plastic, which is solvent and abrasion resistant.

Layover Label Specifics

General Electric SB Switch Faceplate.

Typical SB Switch Face Plate

We consider this as a five position label, with the text located at positions 2 and 4.

STOP in Position 2.
START in Postion 4.


Layover Label Position Designations

Position Sample

In this image we have the positions designated.
STOP is in Position 2.
NORM is in Position 3.
START is in Position 4

Image of typical order sheet.

STEP 1: Prepare a Spread Sheet Detailing Labels Needed

A simple spreadsheet is all that is required to detail your order.

Click Here to download Formatted Spread Sheet with sample image embedded.

STEP 2: Email us your Layover Label Order Sheet and Purchase Order.

After receiving your order Laser Engraved Services will create and post proofs of each label for your inspection and approval prior to commencing on your job.

After you approve the proofs, we create the labels promptly and ship them to you via Priority Mail.